Selenium and phantom

Selenium and phantom

running selenium server locally in a way that should complement using

Quick notes for Selenium with NodeJS, CucumberJS and PhantomJS….. and also thinking about Travis CI.


Use a project called WebDriverIO, it is the new version of WebDriverJS.

It also has support for AngularJS, which is very interesting. As I have run into issues with running Protractor with PhantomJS. The documentation states that the WebDriverJS-Angular hooks into the browser object meaning you so not have to be aware of Angular, and use Pause(). Thats nice icing on the cake.

Using the demo code

Run the following

npm install -g cucumber
npm install --save-d webdriverio

Get the demo code copy it into a features folder

        |- my-feature.feature
        |- step-definitions.js

Change the following in the step file

var webdriverjs = require('../../../index'),


var webdriverjs = require('webdriverio'),

Note the demo CucumberJS with WebDriverIO, especially the following line

var client    = webdriverjs.remote({ desiredCapabilities: {browserName: 'phantomjs'}, logLevel: 'silent' }),

There is no location provided to the phantomjs driver, which will mean it should just work on Travis without a change.

Setup Selenium Server

Setting up the sever is really simple.

  1. Install the Java JDK (I’m using Oracles 1.8 JDK)
  2. Create a folder to place selenium and any drivers you want to support.
  3. Download the selenium-server copy the jar file into the new folder
  4. Download PhantomJS - copy the .exe into the new folder

The folder structure should look like this:

    |- selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar
    |- phantomjs.exe
    |- Any Other Driver

Run Selenium Server

open the CMD and navigate to the selenium-server folder, and execute the following:

java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.42.2.jar -Dphantomjs.binary.path="phantomjs.exe"

This will start the server ready for testing

Run your tests

in npm


this will now run all the tests, you will see the commands being run against the selenium server in its own console.

Note that we have run the server telling it where the Browser Drivers are, so our test client only has to supply the name only

List Sessions (also see if your sever is up)

http://localhost:4444/wd/hub  <- this is a web io
http://localhost:4444/wd/hub/status  <- Json endpoint

Shutdown Server (other than ctrl+c)


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